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Whether you’ve been a storyteller for years or only recently discovered your passion for writing, you’ve spent many long months writing and perfecting your masterpiece and it is finally complete!

Now you wish to share your accomplishment with others and publish your book. Potential readers might judge your book by its cover and you’d like to have a professionally designed and produced book that does your work justice without breaking the bank.

That’s where the Self-Publishing Shop comes in.


The writing process is completed and now you need a professional team to convert it into a bookstore quality book! Our knowledgeable designers have years of experience in a wide variety of genres in print design and will design the book’s interior and matching cover to suit your book’s theme.

After we get to know you and your book’s theme, we develop a custom cover design and a professionally formatted interior to reflect the vibe of your work. As the publisher of your own book you maintain complete creative control over your work.

  • We get to know you, your preferences and your book’s theme
  • Expert consultation and support services
  • Interior book design and formatting
  • Custom design of book cover
  • eBook conversion
  • Support service to help you promote your book



We guide you through the process step by step


Personal consultation and project management


Professional formatting and high end printing


Award winning graphic design


Cover Design

The right book cover is your best marketing tool. Working with the Self-Publishing Shop, you do not have to choose from pre-designed covers while running the risk that the same cover is somewhere out there, just with another title and font. We create a custom wrap-around cover design that is unique to your book!

We know what it takes to stand out on crowded (virtual) bookshelves and ensure that your customized book cover calls attentions and conveys the vibe and tone of your work.

Interior Book Design

After all the hard work you put into your manuscript, you want to ensure that it is professionally formatted in order to receive the attention it deserves. Developing a clear hierarchy of text and using legible complementary fonts is crucial in creating an inviting layout.

Our professional team of designers will work with your input to secure the best possible reading experience for your readers and create a custom layout to enhance the theme and message of your book. You will receive a preview sample with two interior layout options. Upon approval of one, your interior content will be designed accordingly and a final PDF will be sent for your approval.

Layout includes: a title page, page numbers, chapter/section headings, running headers, table of contents, and colophon. Optional special sections: foreword, dedication, acknowledgment, image captions and appendix.

Please Note:  Interior book design and formatting is strictly a design service and does not include editorial services. We will work with your uploaded, fully edited and final text. Non-design related text edits after uploading will incur additional cost.

e-Book Conversion

If you wish to offer your book as an e-Book, we can convert your Word or PDF document to create high quality files for viewing with popular eReaders, tablets and smartphones.

Our team of digital publishing experts verifies that it works flawlessly on every eReader.

ISBN Registration & Barcode Creation

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier. It provides publishing information and gives retailers a way to report your book’s sales. Your printed books must have an ISBN in order to sell in bookstores.

We take care of the ISBN registration and barcode creation for you.

Printing your Book

At the Self-Publishing Shop we offer the easiest process to get your book printed! Our personalized comprehensive service takes care of everything from A to Z.

For many authors this might be their first self-publishing experience and they may not be familiar with all the terms and details involved. That is why we provide personal consultation and customize each book to the author’s preferences.

We offer a variety of papers, cover types, and formats to choose from and make it easy and affordable to publish your own book – at bookstore quality!


Set up a Facebook page for your book

Design a unique author website

We can create a blog section for you

Bookmark design

Online Author’s Profile

Upon request, we can help you promote your new book with digital tools.

This social space allows you to share book excerpts and engage potential readers, create buzz with updates on book signing, book giveaways or book launch events.

Readers are often looking for more information than available on a Facebook page. With your own website, you create a centre for all your online marketing efforts. You have complete control over this stage; from the content to the look and feel. We create a professional micro site to increase interest in your new book.

Share anecdotes and excerpts of your newly published book with readers and interact with them. A blog gives you a great opportunity to publish other creative work and ask for feedback. Every blog post you publish on your own website is shared on other social media and drives traffic to your website; thus increases your exposure.

A bookmark is a great little marketing tool. We customize the design to fit your title and include purchase information and a little blurb about the author. Print: Colour print to match the book cover.

Authors’ profiles are designed to give writers additional exposure online and to help them promote their books. The Author Page is your chance to tell readers something interesting about yourself: your background, awards you have won, events you plan, photos, and videos. We can take care of that for you and link your profile(s) – on Amazon/GoodReads – to your personal blog/website to generate more traffic and increase exposure.


We have long-standing experience in print design in a wide variety of genres, formats and styles. Our book designs are based on industry standards and offer several cover style choices: hard cover, soft cover, with flaps, end leaves, and much more.

  • Text-centric Books
  • Image-Centric Books
  • E-Books
  • Different book Sizes

The Self-Publishing Shop offers interior design and formatting as well as cover design that is unique to your book. Our formats are based on industry standards. We work with specialized facilities worldwide to provide the highest quality soft cover and hard cover printing in the industry. We supervise production and ensure every little detail is well taken care off. If you have any questions our publishing specialists are available via phone or e-mail.

Tags: Novel | Poetry Books | Fiction | Non-Fiction | Biographies


From playbills to course catalogues to event programs, the Self-Publishing Shop team creates a practical take-home format (soft cover) that will provide an informative reference for people to keep and re-use.

Tags: Program Books | Playbills | Magazines

Photo Books

Capture special moments, travels and people in your life and turn these memories into a custom heirloom photo book. The Self-Publishing Shop team will advise you on different format and trim options, photo-paper quality, cover choices and typefaces most suitable to your type of photo book. We will create a timeless design that highlights the essence of your story and deliver bookstore-quality print production and binding.

Tags: Travel Photo Books | Tribute Books | Coffee Table Books | Yearbook Books | Portfolio Books | Family Photo Books


Whether you’re into healthy nutrition, fine cuisine or simply want to turn your time-tested family recipes into a bookstore-quality book, the Self-Publishing Shop team helps you turn scattered recipes into themed chapters and an easy-to-follow cookbook. We provide design and layout services, develop content hierarchy, and increase legibility. Don’t have any images yet? We can arrange a professional photo shoot of your chosen recipes. Our team consults you on different paper stocks, cover styles as well as binding and format options. We supervise the production to ensure that the final product is the bookstore-quality cookbook “must have” that you envisioned.

Art books

Looking to develop a “printed exhibit” of your artwork to present to galleries? Would you like to have your very own coffee table book displaying your artwork? We create beautifully designed art books and ensure high-end print and post-production execution. A variety of paper stocks, binding methods and cover styles (soft cover, hard cover, flap) are at your disposal. The Self-Publishing Shop will guide you every step of the way and will advise you on the best solution for your goal.

Children’s books

Children’s books are one of the rapid-growing categories in self-publishing. People increasingly find that it’s the best way to express their inner-child, to tell a simple story and to connect with the children in their lives.

Run with your imagination and make it a tangible reality with a bookstore-quality, full-colour children’s picture book. We will find the perfect format and binding choice for you and create a design that integrates your illustrations and text seamlessly in a child friendly manner.

If you wish to offer your book as an e-Book, we can convert your Word or PDF document to create high quality files for viewing with popular eReaders, tablets and smartphones.

Text-centric Books Image-centric books
Small (5″ x 8″) Portait (8″ x 10″)
Digest (5.5″ x 8.5″) Landscape (10″ x 8″)
US Trade (6″ x 9″) Large Portrait (9″ x 12″)
Small Square (7.5″ x 7.5″)
Large Square (12″ x 12″)

Custom sizes available upon request


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Arrival of the Legend
Arrival of the Legend
From the Well
From the Well
The Smart Palate
The Smart Palate
Honourable Menschen
Honourable Menschen
First Fruits #6
First Fruits #6
First Fruits #1
First Fruits #1
First Fruits #3
First Fruits #3
First Fruits #5
First Fruits #5
First Fruits #4
First Fruits #4
First Fruits #2
First Fruits #2
Édition Oasis
Édition Oasis
The Chevra
The Chevra
SCC Photo Book
SCC Photo Book


Barbara Kay 2
As editor of the annual “First Fruits” anthologies of creative writing the JPL published for many years, I took particular pride in the intelligently conceived
and beautifully executed cover art Leo and his team designed for them.
Their creativity and professionalism in design work
bring originality and elegance to every project he undertakes;
their integrity and attentiveness to client needs make them a pleasure to work with personally.
Barbara Kay
Columnist, National Post
Rona Heft
Working together to give my poems a home has been a true pleasure.
Thank you.
Rona Shefler Heft
Retired Librarian, Montreal Children's Library
I spent four years writing my book, “Arrival of the Legend”. 
After putting so much time and effort in, I wanted a publisher who could make the reading experience enjoyable. This is much more difficult than it sounds.
Ruth and Leo did a fantastic job with this. 
They were professional and reliable, and especially patient.
I feel very comfortable, almost ten years later, presenting my book to friends and family.
That says a lot.
Ofir Tzoubari
J’ai eu le plaisir d’avoir recours à SelfPublishing Shop pour la publication de certains de mes livres. Le service était professionnel, courtois, rapide et artistique grâce aux conseils judicieux de Monsieur Leo Hubermann. J’étais entièrement satisfaite de son travail.
Sylvia Ayelet Assouline
Écrivaine, Éditions Oasis
It has been a pleasure working with SelfPublishing Shop for so many years,
they are diligent artistic and absolutely professional in all that they do.
Rabbi Asher Jacobson
Spiritual Leader, Congregation Chevra Kadisha
Don’t hesitate, make a date.
This is the right stop, choose the SelfPublishing Shop.
Doreen Glazer


Ruth Rotem
Art Director
Leo Hubermann
Managing Director